The one real goal Baby Boomers should aim for

Love Bob Costas’ shirt and tie combo for the final night of Olympic Track & Field this Summer. Looks like I can go back to matching up colors myself, without Cheryl’s input…

Bob Costas wardrobe

The one real goal Baby Boomers should aim for? To simply try our best in life and enjoy doing it.

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Dear Baby Boomer, are you under this impression?

Northeast Georgia mountains, Summer July 2012…

Baby Boomer photos

Dear Baby Boomer, watching you from afar, it appears you’re under the impression this isn’t your life. Today, live like you mean it!

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Baby Boomers, Don’t Hope For A Miracle, Make One

Baby Boomers, Don't Hope For A Miracle, Make One

Rushing through airports is part of jeff noel’s weekly activity. So is snapping photos of real life in real time. Boomers, as this movie poster suggests I’m moving beyond hope into action. Is it too late? We can be thankful for a late blooming desire to act – and for most of us this is a better late than never opportunity.

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Wait, Here Comes A Midlife Parade

Main Street USA Parade Disney World 2010

Wouldn’t it be grand if midlife could be like Disney World, where the marching band parades by every afternoon? Hardly a care in the world, except to decide where to enjoy an ice cream cone.

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Celebrate Our Midlife Struggles, Or Give Up?

Celebrate Our Midlife Struggles?

We may be closing in on our final two choices: celebrate our midlife struggles or quit. The easy answer is obvious. The answer that may break us, begs for our attention.

Quitting is the obvious, easy choice. But celebrate our struggles, our stress, our frustrations from growing older? Seriously? Find beauty in the ashes. Go.

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Okay, So Here’s Where It Starts Getting Challenging

Life Looks Really Strange Sometimes

Dear readers, when the voices in your head say, “Look, people don’t care enough to do what you are dreaming. And even if they did care enough, they aren’t willing to do the hard work to change”, the temptation to quit becomes exceedingly appealing.

Right now, it would be sooo much easier to pop a top and enjoy an ice cold beer.

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Is Society Even Remotely Interested In Personal Responsibility?

A New Dawn Arrives Daily, But Few Seem To Notice

Who am I to think society is even remotely interested in changing, let alone seriously interested? Is it crazy to care about personal responsibility? To believe that if we could teach personal responsibility at a much earlier age and in a more integrated way, teens would move into adulthood much better equipped with the realities of being solely in charge.

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