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Life is hard.

Excuses, regrets, second chances, permission.

No peace without contentment. No contentment without balance.

Everyone deserves and desires second chances.

Everyone deserves and desires balance.

I write prolifically about both, for free.

And speak about both, (not free).

Using paradox, common sense, questions, and an insatiable desire to illuminate truth.


Sooner or later it becomes crystal clear. Life is not a dress rehearsal. So I’m here to remind you why today is not a good day to put your dreams on hold.

Midlife crisis is spending our life chasing our dreams and finally getting there, more or less. But in looking around, we think, “This isn’t what I wanted!”


Deep breath. Exhale…

Remember all those things we promised ourselves when we were younger?

We should do them.

But when?


jeff noel


Our biggest midlife challenge isn’t desire.

It’s time.

Finding time to…


Time to simply breath in and, maybe, actually, to take back…

Take back a little time to do something for ourselves that’s long overdue.

To… well… quite literally…

reThink  –  rePrioritize  –  reCommit

To re-shuffle our deck so to speak.


Because sooner or later it becomes crystal clear…

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

We could, because it sounds inspiring when the words come out of our mouth, rally around this battle cry…

Live like you mean it!

Sounds good, right? I mean, who’s not fired up right now?

But in another minute, we’ll be on our way to some other shiny, important thing.

Because, well, because that’s how we’ve learned to medicate ourselves…

We unknowingly default to life’s constant distractions.

Why? Because, perhaps, we don’t feel worthy of success, and…

Because, deep down, maybe we don’t feel we deserve an extraordinary second half.

And even if we did, where the heck do we start?

Pause (again)…

Okay, crazy idea…

What if there was a simple, ridiculously easy first step?

That we could do – right here, right now.

What if it was fate that led us here?

Because if it is… fate…

We could click here (or on the flag in the photo)…

…to read remarkable notes from the blog, to energize our thinking, and inspire our soul.

Or not.

(oh wait, sure, this is some ploy to get us to buy something)

(solemn promise, access thousands of short, pithy, ideas, insights, observations – all free)

A year from now we’ll wish we would have started today.

Seriously, because we owe it to ourselves.

Because this is not selfish.

It’s gutsy.

And ultimately, because it’s the best thing we will ever do for the people we love.

But it requires our first step.

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